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Embley Park School, Romsey, Hampshire
Schools and Colleges

The Package
The school package enables your school or college, big or small, to have an official drawing/painting of the school. Prints can then be given or sold to parents as a promotional activity or fund raiser without up-front cost. They make ideal keep-sakes for the children.

How we work
We will draw the premises from your photographs and print from that drawing. You will be able to buy mounted prints, with or without sepia or full colour tinting, on a wholesale basis and then retail them to the parents.

These property portraits are in our unique style of detailed pen and ink drawing that can then be hand tinted in shades of sepia or full colour (See "Badgers Heritage" web site for quality of workmanship).

Commitment and Prices

There is no upfront fee. All we ask is minimum orders for prints to the value of £100, or £200 if you wish to retain exclusivity. Interest from a few members of staff is usually enough to cover the initial commitment and from there on it is self-funding.

Wholesale Prices
Sizes include the mounts but exclude frames (Quality frames are also available). Contact us for more details.

Size (Inches) Pen & Ink Sepia Colour
8 x 10 £5.50 (£10.50) £12.00 (£18.50) Not available
10 X 12 £8.00 (£12.50) £16.00 (£25.00) £20.00 (£32.00)
12 x 16 £12.00 (£18.50) £22.00 (£35.00) £27.00 (£42.00)
(Retail guide in brackets)

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