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Private Commissions
Your house or family home, castle, church or school.

Capture those memories in the soft tones of Robert’s unique Pen and Colour style to mark that milestone birthday or anniversary.

To commission The Property Artist simply send a photograph of the view that you would like painted together with close ups of all of the features that you would like detailed. We will then talk over the telephone or Email to ensure that the image is captured as you see it and agree a target date.

There might be a need to confirm detail whilst painting but usually the next you will hear is that it is ready.

Please note that a personal visit can easily be arranged to advise on best view take the photographs etc., and only reasonable expenses will be charged.

Robert will paint and draw private houses in three applications of the same style if required -

"Pen and Colour" using soft paint tones combined with pen and ink.
"Sepia" as above but only using paint shades of brown and grey.
"Pen and Ink" the detailed drawing but without the support of any colour.

Simply choose the product to suit your property and pocket -

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Pen and Colour

Here you will have the full colour painting using soft tones combined with pen and ink in Roberts unique "pen and colour" style. "For the person who thinks they have everything."

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With this choice your very unusual picture will echo the nostalgic image of the sepia photograph. This style softens even the more strident lines and colours of modern building materials into a confident and mature picture. "A unique image of today with the subtle veil of yesterday."

Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink

A unique drawing with the restful qualities of Robert's pen. Attention to detail is his trademark. "These unique drawings by The Property Artist are remarkably detailed and accurate."

Pen and Ink

***NEW STYLE ***

Tinted Drawing

A lightly tinted drawing gives a very soft image. There is still the attention to detail and both sepia and colour options are available at less cost. "A beautiful picture and excellent value"


Sizes and Prices

* The "Quality Range" Sizes include the mounts but exclude frames.

Size (Inches)- including mount Colour Sepia Pen and Ink    
12 x 16 £320 £250 £185    
14 x 18 £390 £345 N/A    
16 x 20 £445 N/A N/A    
18 x 24 See "Elite Range" below

***NEW STYLE ***

Tinted Drawing

Size (Inches)- including mount Colour Sepia Pencil    
12 x 16 £240 £180 £140    
14 x 18 £295 £250 N/A    
16 x 20 £330 £310 N/A    
18 x 24 See "Elite Range" below

As smaller pictures take as much time to set up they offer less value for money and as such are quoted individually.

The "Elite Range"
These are all in full colour and are for the more substantial properties where larger pictures can be hung. They are created to be appreciated both from close up and afar. (see Unique Style)

They are all individually priced by complexity but as a guide, an 18 x 24 inch picture (including the mount) will be £550 - £650, and 20 x 28 will be £700 - £850.(See Commercial Commissions for even larger pictures.)
***NEW STYLE ***The tinted pencil drawings are available at 75% the above prices.

By their very nature, commissions are unique and therefore a non returnable deposit of 30% is payable on receipt of your order, with the balance payable on completion.


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