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Computer images give a formal impression of the appearance of your planned project. This will not, however, put the development in context and is rarely good enough to excite prospective buyers or support planning applications.

Robert's artist impressions are realistic, detailed and have a high level of accuracy. They have been used:

  • to support concepts for funding
  • with drawings when submitting for planning permission
  • to help a conservation officer visualise
  • to brief a village on a proposed development
  • for marketing material
  • to frame and hang in the boardroom or give to the customer on completion


These artist impressions come in two stages, firstly as an outline pencil sketch and then once approved, work begins to detail the drawing and add the sepia tinting. Full 'colour on pencil' is also available as is the classic 'pen and colour' that we are known for.

Clients will select the style to meet thier need. For planning or conservation officers we recommend a sepia tinted drawing, whilst for both planning and promotion we recommend full colour tinting. If the client wants total flexibility and a beautiful picture to frame at the end then the pen and colour would be a worthwhile investment.

Unless adequate drawings and photographs can be provided, a site visit will be required and a reasonable flat fee will be agreed for this prior to commitment.

Price Guide (By Complexity)

Sizes (Without Mount or Frame). Sepia Drawing Colour Drawing 'Pen and Colour'
"Standard" - 18 ins width £250/350 £325/425 £850/1000
"Boardroom" - 21 ins width £350/450 £400/500 £950/1050
"Reception" - 24 ins width £400/500 £475/575 £1050/1150

Price Guide and Terms
All sizes without mount or frame.
The price will vary with the complexity of subject, within the range quoted.
A stage payment of 30% is required at outline pencil stage.
Conservation Case Studies

The most difficult task for any conservation officer is to visualise your proposal in the setting to be preserved. If your application is supported by a conservation case study (a set of accurate drawings of your proposal in that setting) then your case becomes less subjective.

We will not bend the truth but either way the case study objectivity will either support acceptance or help clarify objections.

It goes without saying that such work always requires a detailed site visit and artist's survey, and will usually require 2 or 3 views. Cost need not be excessive however, as smaller sepia drawings often suffice.

Price Guide and Terms
Some cases are quite straight forward and others highly complicated. As such, a flat fee will be charged for the site visit. At that visit firm costs and terms will be quoted and agreed. These tend to be very reasonable when compared to architects or engineers fees and are always excellent value as they might be the difference between planning application success or failure.

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